giardinoIn March, 2013, the Capuchin Friars launched the heartfelt slogan "Let’s repair the Monterosso Paradise !", addressing everyone who wanted to lend a hand. And hearts were moved ! Many thronged to show their love and generosity !


From 2013 to today there have been meetings, cooperation, and great testimonies from a thousand channels: from the Monterosso children selling lemonade to sponsor the Convent to all sorts of other initiatives.


Serious problems remain for the Convent. We want to launch an appeal: this Paradise stands in urgent need of maintenance interventions. The outer walls have become dangerous in places and wide cracks have opened up. Following the floods, the water has found new access routes and threatens the integrity of the hill on which the Convent is located. Work must be done as soon as possible, but we lack the necessary funds in order to carry it out. Thanks to the FAI census, the Intesa Sanpaolo bank granted a certain amount of financing, but it’s only a beginning. We are grateful for this encouragement, but it doesn’t cover all the needs of this historical, artistic and spiritual treasure.


Let us keep this priceless cultural, artistic,
social and spiritual treasure
alive in order to serve the community
and visiting tourists – both national and international - who visit the Cinque Terre.


Even a small contribution can help us to repair the Capuchin Convent of Monterosso al Mare


Not only will you be helping the Friars, but your contribution will help one of the once attractive places in Italy to be beautiful again. Come to visit us in Monterosso. The Convent door is always open to all the generous, loving people who appreciate the beauty of creation. The restoration work will be a long, expensive project. Everyone’s help is needed to make this place alive as a well-koved artistic symbol of all Monterosso. Even a small donation is important … Let’s repair the Paradise of Monterosso !